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    We help women find and reflect deeper hope in God in every life circumstance through soul care, online media, speaking, publications, and research.

Jess Mason Bio

Jess Mason May 2013 shadowHi! I’m Jess Mason. I’m a licensed minister (CCCC), spiritual director, and Director of the DeeperHope Institute for Women’s Spiritual Life.

I see life through the eyes of an enthusiastic learner (when you’re grown up, they call that research), I’m never too far from a bottle of SmartWater, and I feel I’ve been put on this earth to be a friend to people’s souls.

I live in Haverhill, MA, with my husband.

I started DeeperHope in 2009 (actually then it was called the Institute for Women’s Spiritual Dynamics. Hence, the name change — what a mouthful!). To read the story of DeeperHope, CLICK HERE.

I’m currently working on our first major publication, a book entitled “Never Abandoned: Life Experiences That Feel Like God’s Abandonment But Aren’t (and what else may be going on)”. As the book develops, I’ve launched a blog to foster conversation about the nuances of God’s faithfulness, especially in those times when it appears He is silent, distant, or unresponsive.

It’s been my privilege to listen, pray, speak, post, and write for the sake of women knowing God in every life circumstance!

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