Welcome to the DeeperHope Institute for Women’s Spiritual Life!

Our research and resources focus on women’s day to day, personal relationship with and experience of God, both individually and in community. We research what may make women’s spiritual lives unique, out of which come thoughtful blogs, print publications, and live events. Our goal is for women in every life circumstance to be personally encouraged and practically equipped to have a vibrant relationship with the living God, no matter what.

Right now, our research focus is on the challenges to healthy community amongst women in New England, and where God is at work knitting us together into Christian community. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Questions for Contemplation below. Also, check out our blog, Strengthening the Fabric, and join the ongoing conversation!

In Christ,

Jess Mason, Director


Questions for Contemplation


How connected or disconnected to a fabric of community do you feel at this stage in your life?


When have you felt the most connected in your life, and what do you see as the factors contributing to your sense of connectedness?


What do you see as the challenges, cultural, logistical, generational, psychological, or even spiritual challenges, to a greater sense of community amongst women in New England?

What Do You Think?